October 2006
Travel & Hockey,  Highlights of this Months News

  But the travel wasn't for Hockey!  What?  You say!. You traveled somewhere, but not for a Hockey Tournament or a Hockey Camp?  That's right.  Amanda and her family traveled to Vermont for 9 days the second week of October.  The family attended Amanda's first Hockey Instructors wedding.  I guess the trip was hockey related after all. 

Shawn Babin and Cori Erickson got married in Shawn's home town of Barre Vermont.  The Martin's had a great time while there. We rode the Ferry from  Vermont across Lake Champlain to New York.  "Champ" the Loch Ness Monster of North America was awesome!  We went to Lake Placid NY and saw the Herb Brooks Hockey Arena and shopped on Main street.  In Stowe VT we rode to the top of Mount Mansfield in a Gondola. We visited the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory, Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Factory, Cabot Creamery, and the Bragg Farm Maple Sugar House.  We got a behind the scenes tour of the Granite Quarry in Barre.  The Rock of Ages Granite Monument Company was really neat.  

This was a really great trip!!



Scary Barre VT



Amanda Clears Waivers & Granted a Try Out 

With VOSHA Squirt A Team


Coach Gayle Shalloo felt it was important for Amanda to continue to play with the boys hockey program.  With the Peoria Roadrunners putting Amanda on Waivers, and all the other teams in the Valley with full rosters, Coach Shalloo encouraged the Head Coach, Steve Shapiro, of the VOSHA Mustangs Squirt A to take a look at Amanda.


Coach Shapiro watched Amanda warm up in for a Girls U16 practice that followed a Squirt A team practice.   Her liked her skating abilities and loved her shot.  He invited Amanda to come out to a couple of practices as tryouts the 5th and 9th of October.  Amanda was leaving for Vermont right after the practice on October 9th and of course there were discussions as to which tournaments Amanda could make and there needed to discussions with some of the parents to be sure everyone was OK with adding Amanda to the full compliment of players already on the team. Coach Shapiro would call with his decision while we were on our trip to Vermont.


The call came on October 17th, while Amanda was waiting for a connecting flight out of Washington DC back to Phoenix.  Amanda had cleared waivers and would be rostered to the VOSHA Mustangs Squirt A team!  Amanda would play with the Squirt A Team in all the Squirt games and tournaments except for the Coyote Cup at the Christmas break, and the Presidents Day Tournament in February. She would even be able to play with the Squirts in 2-3 games in Denver while she was playing in a tournament for the U16 Girls Team in Littleton, CO.  


The Happy Couple, Shawn and Cori Babin 


Stowe VT, Mount Mansfield and the Gondola

Stowe VT Church  Stowe VT Gondola

Ben & Jerry's and Vermont Teddy Bear Factory


Down Town Barre, VT



Jeff Showing Amanda

How to Drive a Quarry Tractor!

Look Out Boys,

And You Thought She Was Tough On the Ice


Rock of Ages &

The 1st Deer of the Fall!

Crossing Lake Champlain

On Our Way to Lake Placid, New York


Bragg Farm Maple Sugar House

Grades of  Maple Sugar and a Sugar Bucket on a Tree.


Cabot Creamery